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Russ uses writing to motivate and move readers to take action and become the best version of themselves.

5 Books and 2 Journals


Russ uses live speaking environments to engage and inspire listeners to become the best version of themselves.

Online Coach

Russ uses online courses and programs to encourage and equip students to become the best version of themselves. 


​Welcome to my website. I hope you find something encouraging here today.

My life goal is to help and encourage people who cross my path.
-Maybe it's a smile.
-Maybe it's a kind word.
-Maybe it's a motivational message I give at a church, school, sports team, or business.
-Maybe it's a page from one of my books.
-Maybe it's an audio snippet from one of my audio books.
-Maybe it's a video on my Facebook page. 
-Maybe it's one of my regular emails I send my people (Get on my list by giving your NAME and EMAIL above!). 

You get the point. I want to be a LIFTER of LIVES
Not only that, I want to coach and teach others to lead others in a great way. That's my purpose. 

Be encouraged, be inspired!

Thanks for visiting me today,

Russ Warren

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