The Price of Victory (Softcover Book)

Excerpts taken from the book:

Here’s the deal: nobody wants to pay the price anymore.

"What price?" you might ask.

Well, ANY price. We want everything and we want it now and we want it for FREE! Nobody wants to have to work for anything anymore and it is truly sad. If nobody wanted anything, it would make sense to not be willing to pay. It just amazes me how we live in a day in time where our WANTS have increased and our WORK has decreased. Our DESIRES have doubled and our DRIVE has taken a dive. I want to communicate something to you through this book. Nothing worth having in life is free. Heck, FREEDOM isn’t even FREE!


My goal for this book is so simple: I want you to be awakened to the idea that if you want something badly enough, you have to be willing to pay the price. The size of the dream determines the size of the price. Little dreams have little price tags and come with tiny rewards. Giant dreams have giant price tags but come with gigantic rewards. May you determine what you want from life. May you find energy, enthusiasm, determination, and perseverance to pay the price necessary to receive whatever it is you want from your life.


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