Ditch the Dad Bod (Softcover Book)

In this book, you will learn:

-Common excuses of THE walking dead.
-The Definition and Origin of the phrase "Dad Bod"
-You don't have to be a "DAD" to have a "Dad Bod!"
-Reasons why the "Average Woman" wants to keep you an "Average Man."
-About the "Good Enough Monster" who wants to keep you MEDIOCRE.
-How to crush the "GOOD ENOUGH MONSTER."
-How we live in a MENTALLY WEAK world and if we have ever needed mentally strong men to RISE UP, it is NOW!
-The ONLY way you'll ever achieve the body you want.
-How to use IMAGINATION to push to the next level.
-The 3 approaches to health and fitness and the one you should use.
-The curse and the blessing that forced the author to practice better health and wellness.
-The MOST LEGIT nutritional protocol the author has ever seen.
-How this protocol puts your body in FAT-DESTROYING mode.
-How skipping breakfast could catapult your weight/fat loss.
-So much more!


Just a few results the author got while following the plan he teaches in this book:
-Lowest body WEIGHT in years while people were wondering, "How BIG are you going to get?"
-Lowest body FAT % ever.
-Highest energy levels ever.
-Clearer and more focused mind than ever (This is his 3rd book to publish this year in addition to 2 journals).
-Stable blood sugar levels.
-Less hunger.
-Lower grocery bills


Pick your option and let's get started on a journey together!



The methods included in this book could and should be LIFE-CHANGING! The words will be based on personal experience by the author!

As always with health and fitness, it is advised by the author that you seek advice from your physician before beginning any nutrition and training regimen!


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